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Statement of TCS3 Personal Computer Warranty

New Systems

Ø      TCS3 offers a lifetime in-store LABOR warranty on all systems comprised completely of TCS3 parts and assembled by TCS3 employees. This labor warranty is inclusive of hardware installation, diagnosis and replacement. 

Ø      Installation and reinstallation of software purchased with the machine(s) is also included.  Specific software problems will be addressed on an individual basis and TCS3 will try their best to resolve every problem.  Viruses and “Spyware” will not be covered under this warranty.  This warranty excludes monitors, printers, scanners, and laptops, as their warranties are proprietary and offered through the respective manufacturer.

Ø      All parts sold within a TCS3 system are covered by a 3-year replacement warranty with the exception of the following: monitors, printers and scanners.  After the 3-year TCS3 warranty period, if the product carries a longer warranty, TCS3 will handle the return for repair for the cost of shipping and a $25 administration fee.  Monitors carry a 3-year service warranty through the manufacturer.  Return for repair of monitors will be handled through TCSat no charge for three years.  Printers and scanners carry a 14-day return warranty through TCS3 and a 1-year service warranty through the respective manufacturer. TCS3 will handle the return for repair of scanners and printers within 1-year of purchase at no cost.  After the initial year, if the product carries a longer manufacturer’s warranty, TCS3 will handle the return for repair of the product for the cost of shipping and a $25.

Ø      Technical phone support will be available for TCS3 machines.

Ø      Software training is not warranty service. 

Ø      On-Site repairs performed on TCS3 machines will be billed at $150 per hour. This rate will apply to all on-site calls made for all TCS3 machines that are not covered by a service contract.  The minimum service charge will be one-hour and thereafter billed in ½ hour increments.  Travel to the on-site location will be billable.  Technical Support via Remote Access will be billed at $37.50 per 15mins of connection time.


*All rates subject to change without notice.


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